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Emery Goodman

The University of Texas at Austin


Emery Goodman joined the Bureau of Economic Geology as Project Manager and PI of the Tight Oil Resource Assessment Industrial Associates Project in August 2019. He heads up an integrated project comprised of Geoscientists, Engineers, Economists, Data Analysts and GIS experts. TORA provides an unbiased assessment and production outlook for the oil and gas resources in the key US unconventional plays, currently focusing on the Permian Basin, West Texas, and New Mexico. Emery brings over 33 years of Upstream energy experience from ExxonMobil, Shell and VAALCO Energy, where he worked in a variety of subsurface technical, operations, management, and executive roles, covering sedimentary basins around the globe. In 1989, he received his PhD in Geological Sciences from University of California, where he was named Distinguished Alumnus in 2007.

Emery received his BS in Earth and Space Sciences from Stony Brook University and served as AAPG Distinguished Lecturer in 2002-03.

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